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Strawberry Daiquiri

Prep Time:

5 Minutes

Cook Time:




About the Recipe

Here it Goes.. you would Need a blender that blends ice into a slush. Please avoid using your standard blenders as they are not designed to blend ice. ( i would highly recommend a Hamilton Beach Blender that you could find on our accessories shop)

Add 550ml ice into the blender, then add 3 shots (3*25ml) Berryman Strawberry puree, add 2 shots (2*25ml) white Rum into the blender with a splash of lime. Now that you've added all the ingredients shake the blender so the ingredients mix well before blending. Blend for about a minute until its a perfect fruity slush.

Add a Splash of the Strawberry puree mix or Berryman grenadine into the margarita glass.
gently empty the mix into the glass. garnish with a fresh strawberry or mint leave. add Straws and there we have your very own Strawberrylicious Daiquiri.


  • A blender that blends ice into a pulp

  • Hurricane Glass 

  • 550ml ice

  • 3 shots of the Berryman Strawberry puree mix

  • 1/2 shot of Berryman Lime mix

  • 2 shots of White Cuban Rum ( Add more if you want it stronger)

  • A splash of the Berryman Grenadine

  • Garnishes: Be creative and Choose between A pineaplle wedge, cherry, strawberry, cocktail umbrella or a twig of mint leaves.


  • Fill the blender with 550ml  ice. (be sure the your blender is designed to blend ice)

  • Add 3 shots of Berryman Strawberry puree mix

  • Add 2 shots of White Rum ( more of you want it Strong)

  • Add splash of Berryman lime Mix 

  • Shake the Jug of Blender so ingredients mix

  • Blend until the ice is perfectly blended into a fruity slush.

  • Add  splash of Grenadine or the Strawberry mix into the hurricane glass

  • Empty the blended mix into the hurricane glass

  • Add your preferred garnish.

  • Add cocktail straws

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